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The companion app to tablr’s online reservation system. Visit our web site for more information.

Still using paper books to manage your restaurant? Or are you tired of paying thousands of dollars every month for old-fashioned web reservation services and features you don't even need? Are you paying per-head for customers who would come anyway? Maybe it's time to stop the madness.

tablr is a cost-effective, powerful front-of-house management tool for the post-PC era. Laser-focused on giving you the information you need to run your restaurant efficiently, tablr is always there when you need it but never gets in your way.

Whether you take web reservations through the tablr web portal, call-in reservations, or just a high volume of walk-in traffic, tablr will modernize your approach to FOH management. tablr's flexible, intuitive interface allows you to fine tune your operation, minimizing dead-time at tables and providing unfettered access to your customer list, so that you can focus on the more important task of delighting your diners!

Features include:

*Easy, intuitive setup - clone tables, set up multiple rooms, assign sections and waitstaff

*Dynamic, whole-floor meal progress visualization - no more guessing about your next free table

*5-second walk-in seating - process peak hour queues with just a few taps

*Real-time late diner alerts - optimize turnover times and avoid frustrating delays

*Granular online availability control - you decide exactly what gets offered online at the tablr portal

*Waiter load tracking - see at a glance the waiters total load for the shift and current load

*Cover count limits - enforce them, warn that you're over, or just display for information: your choice

*Automatic, secure, daily back up to our servers - never lose your reservation list or customer data

*Customer data retention - own your customer list and keep records so that you can communicate with your customers and market your restaurant as you see fit