Trucks HD - by Duck Duck Moose v 2.0.1

By Duck Duck Moose, Inc.
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An award-winning educational, creative play app, Trucks has 5 engaging activities: carwash, tow truck, garbage and recycling, bulldozer and dump truck and a car and truck parade. Trucks teaches sequencing, sorting and problem solving. AWARDS: Parents’ Choice Silver Award, Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award. AGES: 2-6PLAY CATEGORY: CreativeACTIVITIESCARWASH: Roll a car through the mud and into a carwash! Clean the car with brushes, soap and bubbles. Squirt water jets to rinse off your car then dry it off.TOW TRUCK: Help fix a flat tire. Use a tow truck to take a car to the tire shop. Raisethe car up to a platform, change the tires and choose the hubcap you want!GARBAGE & RECYCLING: Clean up the street and sort items into garbage, compostand recycling bins. Learn about garbage and recycling and earn a “Green Score.” Dump the correct bin into the garbage, recycling and compost trucks.BULLDOZER & DUMP TRUCK: Use the dump truck to create a pile of dirt, then take i...