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WiFi Express

iPhone / iPad
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WiFi Express Introduction

Are you still troubling for find available WiFi ? Are you still anguishing for upset about tedious process when you enter a WiFi account? With the WiFi Express helper, your trouble and anguish, it will eliminate all.

WiFi Express is a service software that connect to Internet by WiFi Network. It is simple to be operated , easy to be used, that the main serve WiFi network of telecom operators( For example , Telecom Operators of China is China Mobile and China Telecom ).

First, WiFi Express will judge current WiFi availability, and by different color icon, prompts you to what WiFi available; what WiFi is not available; Do you use Internet by it etc. WiFi availability at which a glance.

WiFi Express also have a function of account memory. You don’t secondly enter the account after you save the account in the first login unless you need change your account or password. It is significantly reduces the process than you login WiFi by web, saving time and improving efficiency.

At the same time, if you use the account which we provide for you, you can use WiFi network in dozens of countries around the world of Telecom Operators ( eg: an account that can use WiFi of China Mobile, also can use WiFi of China Telecom in China. ) so that you re-not limited to one Telecom Operator to which truly mobile office, surf the Internet anytime and anywhere.