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Ratio Racer

iPhone / iPad
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Race across a futuristic world while solving challenging fraction problems. Earn new cars and new tracks while learning how to solve fractions.

Ratio Racer is a game based on the elements of simple and complex fractions where the player must quickly solve math problems in order to advance levels. The game uses math comprehension to develop cognitive math skills. The touch mechanic of the game engages children in a hands-on learning process, implementing kinesthetic learning.

The game incorporates math comprehension attuned to the particular grade level, based upon excerpts from grade-appropriate math materials.

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Project Director: Carlotta Eaton


The fractions get harder as you progress and these are the levels that the player must complete to win the game:

Level One: Dystopian City
Level Two: Jungle
Level Three: Desert
Level Four: Underwater World
Level Five: Utopian City

All components of the game are developed in-house. The Virginia Standards of Learning targeted are for:


3.6 (3rd grade)
compare the numerical value of two fractions having like and unlike denominators, using concrete or pictorial models involving areas/regions, lengths/measurements, and sets.

4.2 (4th grade)
a) identify, model, and compare rational numbers (fractions and mixed numbers), using concrete objects and pictures
b) represent equivalent fractions
c) relate fractions to decimals, using concrete objects.

4.3 (4th grade)
compare the numerical value of fractions (with like and unlike denominators) having denominators of 12 or less, using concrete materials.

5.2 (5th grade)
a) recognize and name commonly used fractions (halves, fourths, fifths, eighths, and tenths) in their equivalent decimal form and vice versa
b) order a given set of fractions and decimals from least to greatest. Fractions will include like and unlike denominators limited to 12 or less, and mixed numbers.

6.6 (6th grade)
a) solve problems that involve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/or division with fractions and mixed numbers, with and without regrouping, that include like and unlike denominators of 12 or less, and express their answers in simplest form

This game is made possible with funding from New River Community College and an Enhancing Education Through Technology competitive grant from the Virginia Department of Education.

NRCC Games Team:
Justin Price - Programmer/Designer
Jerry Light - Programmer/Designer
James St. Clair – Programmer
Carmel St. Clair - Design Team/Content Manager
Cody Beasley - Artist/Sound Engineer
Heather Walters - Design Team/Artist/Music
Carlotta Eaton - Project Director