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Blok Head

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Blok Head is a 2D building game! Currently you can build creations with customizable bricks. These bricks have many properties that change the way you interact with a brick, and the way that the brick appears on the screen.

Brick Properties can be manipulated in a control panel when you select a Brick. You can also move bricks around the game environment. Some properties that you can change are:
- Alpha
- Visibility
- Collide-ability
- Height
- Width
- Color (Custom, or preset)
- Label Visibility
- Label Text
- Label Text Size
- Label Text Color
- Label Text Style (Regular, Bold, Italic)
Plus, in the Control Panel you can delete a Brick.

To add a Brick into the game, you use a Build tool. It is indicated that you are using the Build Tool when a sign hovers above your Character's Head.

Once you have completed your creations, you can Capture them as a Picture, or Clear the environment to start again.

Lastly, you can change the appearance of your Character in the Up-and-Coming Catalog.

Many new features will be coming to enhance the game's playability. Please leave any feedback in comments or an email.