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iHarts Client App

About HFS:

Harts Financial Solutions is Perth's leading pure Fee for Service financial management advice firm and has significant experience in advising business owners & executives. Most are highly suspicious of the financial services industry due to the lack of transparency, an unhealthy focus on product sales and the inherent conflicts of interest associated with the industry. This conduct is not tolerated in your business, so why would you be accepting of this conduct when dealing with financial advisers?

At HFS, all advice and service is provided based on pure professional time and ALL commissions/trails/brokerage/fees are credited back to the client's file. It's like having your very own Private CFO (without the hefty price tag) working across your affairs, looking after all the detail and project management, but still leaving you with ultimate control. Let us help you Take Command.

About the iHarts App:

Ever wondered how much commissions and fees your adviser receives each year from your super/investments/loans/insurance? Ever wondered whether your financial adviser actually provides you with the advice and service you are paying for? At HFS, the Future of Financial Advice is already here and clients are loving it.

iHarts is HFS' robust and secure client app which enables totally transparent real-time client information 24x7 directly on your iPhone/iPad. All professional time spent providing advice and ongoing service is accurately recorded and tracked in our proprietary system, HPlan and published in real time to the iHarts app for viewing and reporting to clients.

HFS then claws-back ALL industry commissions/trails/adviser fees on super/investments/loans/insurances and credits 100% of these amounts against your client file to offset the cost of advice and ongoing service. All revenue received from various institutions is captured in HPlan and published in real time to iHarts for viewing and reporting to clients. The system also forecasts revenues expected to be received in future months and years which offsets the cost of your ongoing advice & service.

iHarts provides clients with the ultimate in transparency so that they can see for themselves that the fees they pay and commissions paid by the industry equal the professional time for advice and service received. No other firm in Australia (to our knowledge) provides this level of transparency for clients in real time, 24x7. Another industry first from the development team at HFS.

Detailed Client Information at your fingertips in real-time, 24x7:

iHarts allows clients to view in real time everything about their client file;
* Current projects being worked on
* Actual & budgeted professional time relating to the scope of work via pipelines & tasks
* Annual P&L summary showing you a real-time reconciliation of your file for past, current and future years
* Detailed "Time Incurred" reports showing you what professional time was spent on your file and where
* Detailed "Revenue Received" reports showing you ALL industry commissions/trails/adviser fees on super/investments/loans/insurance received
* Real-time details of all risk insurance policies and investments managed by HFS (via available direct feeds from institutions)
* Downloadable PDF documents from HFS
* Key client contacts at HFS

Note: In order to use the iHarts app you need to be a client and request your ClientID and a 4 digit PIN for access.