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SEPA Awareness

iPhone / iPad
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Capgemini SEPA Awareness scan:
This scan allows you to simply and quickly determine whether you and your organization are ready for the migration to SEPA.

Information about SEPA:
SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area. and indicates the area in which with one account ,and one set of payment resources, one can make payments to accounts in other countries with the same ease as in your own country.

A standard will be realized for transfers, direct debits and payment cards transactions, which apply for both domestic and cross-border payments in the whole SEPA area.
The introduction deadline for SEPA for the countries that have adopted the Euro is 1 February 2014. The introduction deadline for the non-Euro countries within SEPA is 31 October 2016.

Short explanation of the App:
In the first screen you will be asked to fill in your company name .Bye the way, this is not mandatory.
There are 20 questions (one question per screen) in which you can specify by using ticks; if this is applicable, partially or not applicable for your organization.
On some questions the possibility exists to obtain additional information about the question. You can access this information by clicking the (i) next to the question.
The questions are categorized in four themes; 'Insight', 'Organization', 'Business changes' and 'IT changes’. When all 20 questions are answered, you will receive a screen with so-called 'spider webs' with your scores.
You can then see at a glance how SEPA ready and/or how SEPA aware you are.

If you require more information about, or assistance regarding SEPA, then you can click on the button "click here for more information about SEPA”. A screen will appear with the option to fill in the name of your company or organization and Contact person and phone number (optional).
If you then click on the button “next”, then data as well as the results of the scan (20 questions) will be sent via email sent to Capgemini.
Capgemini will then contact you as soon as possible (without any obligation on your part).