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Metronome Classic

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"Pretty, simple and elegant."
This Metronome Classic App is just like a real mechanical metronome, ticking rhythmically and producing beats faithfully for you.
"I love this app. It reminds me of the days I practiced playing piano when I was a child."
Do you love classical metronomes, or do you hate them because of the painful days your mom and dad forced you to sit in front of musical instruments?
This is your best choice!
No rough image, no weird design. You need no instructions but your intuitions, and all the feelings when you touch this app are smoothness and comfort.

Main functionalities:
✔ Producing beats with top precision
✔ Adjustable time signature
✔ Tune the speed from 40-208 beat/minute
✔ Show the name of the speed from Largo to Prestissimo
✔ Enjoy the prettiest user-interface ever
✔ Tap-beat: Tapping to the rhythm and it will set the beat automatically for ya!

More functionalities incoming in NEXT VERSION:
• iPod/iPhone support

Contact the Author:
Any bug reports or suggestions are welcome.