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It Is Almost Time

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Chiming, ringing, buzzing and every other clock-sound imaginable fill the pages of this exuberant and energetic picture book app!

A fanciful pair of friends, a horse and a blue jay so vibrantly depicted by illustrator Sarah Chalek they seem to lift off the screen, share their enthusiasm for an extensive collection of clocks in this celebration of the passage of time. Kids will swipe, touch and tilt their way along with them as they animate both the myriad of clock sounds and the animals' reactions. Debbie Bernstein LaCroix's use of onomatopoeia and brilliant choice of verbs and adverbs will captivate the listener.

This app is bound to prove a favorite your youngsters aged three to seven will want to experience again and again.

Special Features
*Voice over
*Sound effects on every page
*Interactive animations on every page
*Option to mute voice over

The print edition of IT'S ALMOST TIME has received review acclaim including the following:
"Each page is vibrantly colored, with Chalek's illustrations bringing both characters to life through loveable expressions and meaningful subtleties. The text is loaded with onomatopoeia that drive the story forward effortlessly while capturing the reader in a world full of sound." - Boro Magazine

"Pocket watches, cuckoo clocks, wrist watches, pendulum clocks, anniversary clocks, alarm clocks, digital clocks and grandfather clocks all keep time together for a superior build-up of the passing of the minutes in anticipation of a simultaneous chime to ring in the new hour." - Picture Book Reviews