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Frixion Plus for iPad

  • Games
  • Puzzle
  • Strategy
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The popular puzzle game is now 3X BIGGER!

Frixion is a simple block-sliding puzzle game that’s sure to provide hours of fun and frustration. The object of the game is to cover each of the goals with a block; the catch is that the blocks don’t stop until they hit something, and each type of block behaves a bit differently. To play, simply slide the blocks with your finger.

This version features thirty-two new professionally designed levels with six types of blocks:

• Wood blocks (the standard)
• Ice blocks (which melt after six moves)
• Rubber blocks (which bounce back half way)
• Cement blocks (which smash wood and ice blocks)
• Lock blocks (wood blocks that can’t be moved)
• Metal blocks (immune to bombs and cement blocks)

and it features two types of obstacles:

• Bombs (blow up all but the metal blocks)
• Radioactive spaces (make blocks radioactive so they blow up blocks they hit)

Give it a try. You’ll find that the hardest part about Frixion is putting it down!