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This app is written for space and spacecraft engineers. Taking its cue from a calculator app, it then expands that to add in specific altitude- or radius-based calculations for items of interest.

The calculator value in the screen with a single button press is accepted as input as either a radius value or as an altitude value for calculation of the orbit-related values of interest.

So, it's a fully featured calculator for mission analysis!

- Period
- Circular velocity
- Escape velocity
- Plane change delta V
- Revs/day
- Max duration for an eclipse in a circular orbit
- Apparent angular radius of the Earth
- Range to horizon
- Nodal precession rate
- Sun-synchronous inclination
- Maximum time in view above a ground station for various elevation angles
- Range for a satellite from a ground station for various elevation angles

- Convert between radius and semi-major axis
- Convert between kilometers and Nautical miles

Suggested additions / omissions / corrections to:

SDD 5/28/2012