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Chinese Fables 4 - Han Feizi 寓言故事4–韓非子

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“Chinese Fables 4” contains three fables:
1. An Old Horse Knows the Way (Traditional animation of 1 minute; Illustrated audio book of 9 pages with word lists and 2 pages of translation)
The Chinese idiom “An Old Horse Knows the Way” means an old horse can lead people back home. In later times it meant someone who is experienced and can lead the group. Let’s see what is the story behind it.

2. The Sour Wine and the Bad Dog (Traditional animation of 1 minute and 15 seconds; Illustrated audio book of 12 pages with word lists and 2 pages of translation)
Once there was a man who sold wine. The quality of wine he sold was very good and he was kind to his guests. However, the wine didn’t sell very well, and eventually it all turned sour. How could that be?

3. Zeng zi Slaughters a Pig (Traditional animation of 1 minute and 6 seconds; Illustrated audio book of 11 pages with word lists and 3 pages of translation)
Zeng zi took a pig and was ready to slaughter it. However, his wife stopped him and said, “I was just kidding.” How would Zeng zi responded for?

Story: Rewritten from “Han Feizi”.
Age: Recommended for Grade 3 students.
Level: Helpful Chinese reading for intermediate level learners.
Characters: Contains 800+ basic level Chinese characters.

Animation (Traditional): Story animation with traditional Chinese subtitles.
5Q-Book (Traditional): Illustrated audio book with traditional Chinese text
Word list: Chinese words with Hanyu Pinyin and English explanation.
Other Features: (Facebook, Email) Share, Favorites, Search, Index, Thumbnail, Library.

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