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Regardless of how intelligent or mature they may be, most students seeking academic success are, at some point, plagued by doubts and obstacles. Everyone can describe their greatest fears or worst test-taking experiences. For example, fears include: “I open the exam and have no idea what the question is asking for,” “I didn’t study something enough and it is half the test,” or “I’m falling so far behind that there is no hope of catching up.” Obstacles that students describe include being disorganized, procrastinating, struggling with perfectionism, getting easily distracted, becoming a constant “worry-wart,” having problems memorizing, blanking-out during tests, and running out of time to complete their answers.

Throughout a semester, students need easy-to-use but powerful tips to complete assignments, perform well on tests, and submit papers or projects on time. Moreover, when the pressure is on and students are stressed and fatigued, they need to reach out and find a tip that can help them focus and learn. A Study Tip a Day Gets You an “A” provides the needed help. The 365 tips and quotes are based on decades of research in the fields of education and psychology and on field tests with a broad spectrum of students from middle school to post-graduate level, including many with attention and learning issues.