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Twinkl Phase 3 Phoneme Pop (British Phonics - Phoneme Recall Game)

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Whether you are a teacher who wants to use this App to enhance children’s learning alongside your letters and sounds sessions, or a parent who wants to support your child’s learning of phonics at home, this App has something for everyone!

The Twinkl Phase 3 Phoneme Pop allows children to learn and demonstrate ability in letter sound and name recognition:

A letter sound or letter name is read aloud and balloons with letters on rise to the top of the screen.

The child has to pop the correct corresponding balloon, which contains the same letter sound or name.

The letters or sounds can be toggled on or off, depending on the difficulty required.

There are also different levels of difficulty, which will cater for a range of abilities.

This activity is useful to practice both letter sound and name recognition and is key to learning in this Phase of Letters and Sounds.

Please remember to turn your iPad off mute and ensure you have the latest iOS before starting to use this App!