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GRE Math Prep

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The perfect math lessons you need to succeed for Math GRE!

GRE Math Prep Book as an app, with detailed lessons, interactive questions with answers and detailed explanations, flashcards, and practice tests. This content has helped students increase their GRE Math scores.

100+ Flashcards!
350+ Interactive Study questions - answers with detailed explanations!
6 Practice tests!
Lots of lessons

This GRE Math app covers the following topics:

I. Pre-Algebra
- Numbers: Integers, Primes Digits and rationals
- Fractions and remainders
- Order of Operations
- Percentages
- Averages

II. Algebra
- Solving equations and Inequalities
- Exponents, compound interest and radicals
- Pairs of equations and inequalities
- Distributing and common factors
- FOILing and Factoring
- Ratios
- Translations, reflections and vertical scale changes
- Quadratic equations and their graphs
- Absolute value equations and their graphs
- Functions
- Word problems

III. Geometry
- Angles and Lines
- Triangles
- Circles
- Polygons
- Solids
- Slopes, Distance and Midpoints

IV. Probability, Statistics and Data Analysis
- Counting and probability
- Sets and more probability
- Descriptive statistics
- Interpreting descriptive graphs
- Random variables and their distributions

About the Author
Richard Corn is a math tutor helping middle school and high school students with their studies in mathematics and with preparation for the math portions of standardized tests (GRE, SAT, ACT, ISEE).
Previously had a long corporate career in computer science preceded by teaching and tutoring experience.