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You probably know this all too well? Time-intensive searching for a fault while commissioning or servicing a plant? Tedious paging through the printed schematics of your plant documentation? How great would an intelligent documentation be that is digital, available rapidly and can be displayed on a mobile device?

Not a dream of the distant future - but already reality: Thanks to the innovative EPLAN Platform and the EPLAN View App, paging through paper documentation is a thing of the past. Use EPLAN Platform to publish your EPLAN projects including the 3D panel layouts and take the documentation with you directly to the site on your iPad –digitally and mobile.

Extensive possibilities such as rapid navigation between items and many other functions are waiting to be discovered by you.

With the new "Publish" function of the EPLAN Platform 2.3 you make your project fit for the iPad. Information from the original EPLAN project is ready for use with the EPLAN View App. One simple action to access project, page or device information.

Work as if you are in the original EPLAN project. With the page or device navigator you directly access the required information and have it on hand mobile during commissioning.

Jump directly from item to item. Giving you a tailor-made function for troubleshooting. The downtimes in your plants, also for maintenance and servicing, are reduced correspondingly.

Whether you are searching for schematic pages in a plant section or want to find the device tag directly: The EPLAN View App helps you to find the required information rapidly – without having to wait long and lose precious time.

The EPLAN Data Portal App provides a unique viewer for 3D panel layouts. It allows you to zoom or rotate the enclosures comfortably from all aspects into the suitable view. Allowing you to compare directly whether the real enclosure corresponds to the documentation.

Please note that the EPLAN View App requires the operating system iOS 7.1 or higher.