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Advanced customizable SSH and Telnet client with extended keyboard, touch screen gestures, iCloud synchronization and fast terminal rendering.

Key features:
- Fastest terminal rendering in the AppStore
- SSH and Telnet protocols
- Username/password and private Keys authentication
- Arrows and Scrolling using Touch screen
- Multi-sessions
- Background work (up to 3 minutes for iOS 7, up to 10 minutes for iOS 5/6, alert on timeout)
- iCloud/Dropbox connections, macros and keys sharing with other vSSH apps (for iPhone, iPad and OS X)
- Key forwarding
- Port forwarding (support connection without shell: -N mode)
- iOS and iCloud keychain support (private keys and passwords)
- 1Password integration
- East Asian input support
- Search
- Highlight links and phones
- Macros with variables and key modifiers support
- Select and Copy/Paste text
- Extended customizable keyboard (including F1-24, PF1-4, Ins, Del, PgUp, PgDown, Home, End, arrow and modifier keys)
- Customize touch screen gestures
- Customize font size and colors
- Pseudographics support
- Wide unicode characters (e.g. Korean) are supported
- Keep alive settings
- Auto scroll settings
- Password/Touch ID app protection

Additional features:
- Export connection as file or URL
- Auto-connect on startup
- Auto-run command after connect
- Switch between sessions using hot keys
- Remember previously entered passphrases
- Auto/fixed terminal size settings
- Split keyboard support
- Reset your private data at any time
- Logging (view, delete and print saved logs)