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Ghost Trick Game

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  • Entertainment
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Bloody Mary :
To the bar , you have a Bloody Mary cocktail drink called it? So this is a ghost 's name , but also a West psychic stuff , popular with foreign girls are welcome , but the consequences , but creepy .

Summon Bloody Mary
If you want to turn to Bloody Mary 's evil , you can follow the following steps:
1 , alone into the bathroom , remember , do not take other people into account ;
2 , lock the bathroom door and turn off the lights ;
3 , facing the mirror, and the mirror between you and lit a candle , a candle or a point on each side of the mirror ;
4 , close your eyes and concentrate, furans and slowly read "Bloody Mary" three times.

After completing the above steps , no one will know what will be the fate of you , anything can happen , here are some possible consequences :
1 , a pair of torn flesh face appeared in the mirror , evil spirits will get you scared to death ;
2 , the Spirit who will play scared mad ;
3 , a pair of evil red eyes will appear in the mirror ;
4 , mirrors and walls have blood oozing ;
5 , evil spirits will pull you into the mirror.
Note : Bloody Mary is considered to be a rotten spirits , when your mind thinking, worst case nothing more than that, then the real consequences may be even worse, be careful ! In foreign countries, there are many who played Bloody Mary heard a female student , was found dead in the school toilets, but was taken away eyes .