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My Coloring Book™

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**For those children who love coloring! **
No more crayon on the table or doodles on the wall, this app takes the simple concept of a coloring book and brings it to the iPad.

The app itself is simple coloring without too much else to get in the way, so if your child can handle a paper coloring book then they will probably enjoy this. Kids will be given access to a bucket fill style tool and a simple pencil tool, along with 24 colors and an eraser. After a masterpiece is finished, share and save options are available (be sure to press save, if you hit back without saving you will lose your picture!).

Six different categories of pictures should interest children of all types. In the free version there are only two pictures available in each category for a total of twelve, but given that these are digital pictures and your child can reuse them as many times as he or she wants, there is a decent amount of free content. Each one is a simple, mostly foreground picture, but they're pretty varied and interesting to color. There are many more pictures in the paid version which brings the count up to 20 per category or 120 in total. You can either purchase the full app or all pictures in a category, therefore it's always easy to add more value to "Coloring Book". --

Children of all ages love to paint. The great thing about painting with children is that each painting is truly a work of art to them... even if you can't tell what it is. As with most children's crafts, painting is more about the process and the learning than it is about the product.

It's a great opportunity to teach children how to think outside the box and use things you wouldn't normally think about painting with in their projects. You can use objects instead of brushes, different kinds of paint, paint different surfaces, use templates or stencils, or even use parts of their bodies. Painting with children can also be a great way for them to experiment, learn cause and affect, learn about colors and how they mix.

This a game for anyone who loves coloring. Children can color those lovely images as they wanted. Move their figures, the coloring will remain in the the area. Also children can use another tool -- bucket. Touch in one area, the color will automatically fill the area.

- All graphical buttons, children can easily start
- 6 different packages, 120 pictures.
- easily undo
- save pic to photo library
- share with friends by mail or facebook
- two different tools: pen and bucket.