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Raptors of the U.S. and Canada

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One of the most visible and exciting group of birds to many people are the raptors. Their grace, speed and power are inspiring.

Raptors are often divided into several groups based on several factors, including size, shape and habits. This app includes information on 54 different species of raptors. Over 200 images are included.

The major groups covered include:

Vultures are primarily carrion eaters. 

Eagles are perhaps the best known of the raptors. 

Often placed in a category of one, the distinctive brown and white Osprey is sometimes called a Fish Eagle.

Kites are graceful fliers. They tend to have a limited range in the U.S. and their range does not regularly extend as far north as Canada

The Northern Harrier is the only harrier species found in the U.S. or Canada. It has long, narrow wings, less pointed than the typical kite, and a long tail.

Hawks are often classified in two groups, accipiters and buteos.

Accipiters are bird hawks; that is they feed on other birds.

Buteos are the largest group of hawks. Their broad wings and relatively short tail identify them

The Crested Caracara is a unique looking raptor with a long neck and distinctive brown and white color pattern and a very large bill.

Falcons are fast, powerful fliers that feed on everything from insects to other birds. They are built for speed with narrow pointed wings and long tail.

Owls fall into a totally different group of raptors.


This app is compatible with iPhone, iTouch and iPad.


Profiles of each species including descriptions, range maps, calls and nesting information.

A unique comparison feature that allows the user to easily compare any two images.

Image identification quiz.

Call identification quiz.

Top places to see raptors.


Beginning to intermediate level birders.

Anyone who wants to learn more about hawks, eagles or owls.