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MindShow LITE - nonlinear presentations

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MindShow LITE contains all the features but you can create only one custom presentation.

A Mind-Map style, Non-Linear presentation tool for iPad.
Display your presentation in full-screen while keeping your iPad as command center.

It can be really hard to predict what your audience will be really interested in. It can be a case study, past project, one of your clients or skills. Should you include it in the presentation or not? Every single second people around the world are asking themselves this question while preparing presentations.

What will you need:

-external display

You can use AppleTV or cable

Files you can import:

-more to come

How to import files:

-connect your iPad to your computer
-open iTunes
-navigate to your iPad apps
-click on the MindShow icon
-now you can drag and drop files into the white space

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Deliver mind-map style presentations

Predicting how your peers will react to your presentation is hard. In fact, you can never be sure how the presentation will go until you can interact with your audience. Wouldn't it be great to have multiple presentations that you can choose from depending on the situation?

It can be also really difficult to predict what your audience will be really interested in. It can be a case study, past project, one of your clients or skills. Should you include it in the presentation or not?

With MindShow you can create different interlocking paths, tell you story and engage your audience. All in one presentation.

Non Linear

In the real world nothing is straight, nothing is perfect. The more uncertainties the more difficult your task of delivering powerful pitch is. Addressing the unpredictable with linear approach is deemed to fail. You know it and we know it. This is why we created MindShow.

Be agile

When you see reactions of people you're presenting to you want to respond to it.

Whether it is positive or negative you want to use that information to deliver an even more powerful pitch. Traditional, linear PPTs are forcing you to follow straight path regardless of the reaction of your peers. What if they love your case study and want to see more pictures and you didn't include them in your presentation to keep it brief? What if they hate it and you still have 10 slides? with MindShow you don't have to worry, you can act. And the best part is: No one will notice.

Adapt to your audience and keep them interested

One presentation to target them all? No way! each audience is different. Whether you are pitching to an experienced angel investor, client or giving a lecture your audience will never be the same. They will react differently, they will be interested in different parts of your story. What if you could adapt to your peers? Well, with Mindshow you can.

No interruptions

Someone asked you a question. Good, they are engaged. You have it in your presentation? Great! You have to flick through 20 slides to get there? Oh... That’s pretty bad. With MindShow you can jump to the right place in a split second without skipping through slides, searching your folders, navigating through slides without interrupting fullscreen presentation. Cool, huh?

Be the master, don't allow the presentation to be your constraint

Linear presentations, once you turn them on, will force you to follow the path, even if half way you realize that the path is wrong. The presentation is controlling you, not the other way around. Sometimes this is good. Most of the time it isn't. Delivering agile custom presentations means that you need to be the master of your own presentation.

Everything to keep you in control of your presentation, not the other way around.