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Word Race!

iPhone / iPad
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You think you know words? Well you're going to have to prove it, because I don't believe you. Lucky for you, there's a way to prove it. A way that's simple and fun. Introducing… Word Race!, the game where you have to guess the word before the game is done spelling it. Let me explain. Word Race! will start spelling a word, letter by letter, at the speed you choose. Your goal is to guess the word that's being spelled and type it in before it's done spelling. Get it now? Word Race! tests your knowledge of the English language and the ways in which words are formed. And besides that, it's fun! Really fun. Too… much… fun.

Word Race! is great for players of all skill levels, children and adults, native and non-native speakers, because you can choose the speed at which Word Race! spells its words. ALSO, Word Race! keeps a list of every word it shows you so that at any point you can just click it and see the definition right there without leaving the app.

Oh… and did I mention Game Center? Yes, Word Race! is fully integrated with Game Center so you can compare your scores with friends, earn achievements, and climb the leaderboard for a chance to be the best Word Race! player… IN THE WORLD!

Word Race! has three game modes- Countdown, Race, and Free Play. In Countdown mode, you have two minutes to guess as many words as you can. If you're on a slower setting, words will be easier to guess, but if you're on a faster setting, you'll have more chances to guess them. In Race mode, you have to guess five words as fast as possible. Your scores are automatically posted to Game Center so you can see where you rank with friends and players all over the world. Not quite so competitive? Just want to practice? That's where Free Play comes in. Free Play gives you unlimited time and unlimited words to play to your heart's content. And it's all absolutely FREE!

AND--- NEW in version 1.3 for those playing ad-free Word Race!, SAT mode chooses words likely to be on the SAT! Study for the test AND have fun!

Word Race! helps kids learn English and expand their vocabularies, gives players the chance to learn new words, and lets masters of the English language exhibit their command and score bragging rights about the very language they brag in.

But that's just talk. Or text, really. And a lot of it. So try it for yourself. After all, it's FREE! Have fun!