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Brick World

iPhone / iPad
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Brick World will take up hours of your time. You should know that before you play. It's mesmerizing and entrancing and it will make your friends think less of you. But what exactly is Brick World anyway?

Brick World is just what its name implies… it's a world of bricks! All for you! Drag your finger across the screen and the bricks come to life. And then they fall. Because of gravity. Makes sense so far, right?

Okay… but then- turn your device upside down and they fall down from the ceiling. Manipulate them at your whim. Control their universe! YOU ARE THE BRICK MASTER!

Some of the bricks not behaving? Put them in jail. Turn on DRAW MODE to draw them a box. Or a cage. Or a bowl. Or a house. Or anything! Draw anything with your fingers and it's instantly an object in the brick world!

Change the bounciness of the bricks. Watch as they fly off the walls. The bricks change colors as they bounce and create a rainbow of madness. Your eyes become transfixed to the screen. You can't look away! But then again, I told you that at the beginning, so it's certainly not my fault!

Listen to the mesmerizing whole-tone bells that play, each note of the scale corresponding to a particular collision. I can't believe you haven't hit download yet! Because, after all, it's FREE!

You heard me. FREE!!! And why am I just giving it away? Because I know that once you're trapped in the brick world, playing the game for hours on end, your soul is mine! MINE I TELL YOU! ALL MINE! WELCOME TO THE BRICK WORLD!!!