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Mindfulise - interactive mindfulness workout.

Mindfulise is a groundbreaking, interactive mindfulness-workout application. With the use of unique, real-time, easy to do workouts, it develops your abilities of inner-observation, concentration, dealing with stress, pains and emotions. These workouts, based mostly on Vipassana meditation are designed to get you in touch with yourself in the most easy and effective way.

How it works?
The workout is based on "monitoring" your inner experience as it's revealed in the moment withing three channels of perception: visual (inner visions), auditory (inner sounds) and body channel (emotions, pains, touch, mood etc). By designing a unique way of sensory input we created uniquely interactive mindfulness application - an instrumentt for navigating inner experience like a pro without getting drowned and repressed by it .

Progress and Feedback - expand your perception.
Based on the workouts, mindfulise gives you a helpful feedback on your sensory preferences i.e. it tells you wheter you're visual, auditory or bodily oriented type (valuable if you're into NLP and other channel based techniques). Once you know you underused channels, you can expand your potential by paying extra care to them in your workouts.

Meditation made easy
Have you ever tried a mindfulness meditation to find your self in an hour long snooze fest involving mindless absorption with thoughts, feelings, boredom, concerns, plans, straining, trying, frustrating and a sensation of beating a dead horse? You will fill a difference with mindfulise, designed in a way ensuring your continuous presence and perceptiveness.

Some Features:
- Interactive perceptual input slides - allows you to stay present with your process, improve penetrativeness and acknowledge what you experience in an easy and effective way.
- Perceptual feedback - after every workout you get great feedback regarding your sensory system, what you focus one the most and what you tend to ignore.
- East indicator - according to many meditation and breathing teachers as well as martial artists, east is the best direction to be facing when practicing.
- Tips and Articles - resources facilitating your practice will be regularly updated in the future.