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This keyboard features a convenient way to input Gurmukhi (Indian-Punjabi, Panjabi) as well as Romanic (western) script. The keyboard works like the built-in keyboard but is optimized to perfectly support Punjabi input. The unicode letters and symbols are arranged in multiple switchable layouts that adjust to the display orientation. Like in the built-in keyboard, many keys show a number of alternative keys when holding them down longer.

For your convencience, some problematic characters that can be input as two-character combinations, are automatically replaced by their respective single-character variant. This guarantees correct display on different platforms.

Layouts for portrait orientation:
- Punjabi letters and decorators (all in one)
- Punjabi numbers, Arabic numbers, special symbols and smilies
- Roman letters

Layouts for landscape orientation:
- Punjabi letters (phonetic)
- More Punjabi letters (phonetic)
- Punjabi numbers, Arabic numbers and common symbols
- Special symbols


- If the keyboard is closed touch the yellow text area to start typing. The keyboard will open.
- To close the keyboard, touch the button with the downward triangle.
- "Copy" puts the text in system clipboard for usage in other apps.
- "SMS" copies the text into the message composer.
- "Email" copies the text into body of the email composer.
- "Facebook" copies the text into clipboard and opens Facebook app. If Facebook is not installed, it opens Facebook in Safari.
- "Clear" clears all text in the editor
- "Help" displays this text
- "Contact" shows a list of clickable web links and email address of the author

Thank you for using Punjabi Keyboards!
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For more information in Gurmukhi, click ‛PunjabiKeyboards Support’ link.


Idea and concept by Hardeep Singh Mann (
Implementation by eqqon (