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The AGW Electronics Calculator provides information and facilities for the design and manufacture of transformers, inductors, chokes and other coils.
It has a link to videos that show coil winding production methods and links to the websites of relevant ferrite core, iron powder core, bobbin and wire manufacturers and suppliers.

It provides tools for engineers to provide guidance in the design of a transformer, inductor or coil. The information ranges from basic wire specifications to comprehensive transformer design suggestions.

The app provides the following calculations and tools:

-Winding wire information
-Wire conversion AWG/SWG to metric
-Skin depth and optimum conductor size
-Inductor self-capacitance calculator
-Inductance of a single layer air coil
-Turns, inductance and Al ratio
-Resonance of a series/parallel tuned circuit
-Ohm’s law
-Inductive and capacitive reactance
-Toroid manufacturing information
-Energy storage in ferrite cores
-Mains transformer design

Many of these calculation functions have the ability to save or send the results.


Winding wire information:
Choose a wire diameter and find its cross sectional area, resistance, current rating, mass per length, insulation details and winding data.

Wire conversion AWG/SWG to metric:
Choose a wire’s AWG or SWG to find the equivalent metric diameter.

Skin depth and optimum conductor size:
Enter the frequency and current to find the optimal wire or copper strip size to suit the conditions.

Inductor self-capacitance calculator:
Enter capacitance value at the suitable frequencies to find the inductor’s self capacitance.

Inductance of a single layer air coil:
The value of any one of the four values of coil diameter, coil height, number of turns and inductance will be given, by entering the other three.

Turns, inductance and Al ratio:
The value of any one of the three values of AL, inductance and number of turns will be given, by entering the other two.

Resonance of a series/parallel tuned circuit:
The value of any one of the three values of frequency, inductance and capacitance will be given, by entering the other two.

Ohm’s law:
The value of any one of the three values of current, potential different and resistance will be given, by entering the other two. The power, in watts, will be also displayed.

Inductive and capacitive reactance:
Enter the frequency value and either the value of the inductance or capacitance to be given the reactance.

Toroid manufacturing information:
Enter the physical attributes of a toroid style coil; core size, number of turns, wire diameter and get the manufacturing and design information about the completed coil.

Energy storage in ferrite cores:
Enter the current and inductance required from the inductor to get the ferrite core style and size that has the necessary energy storage capability.

Mains transformer design:
Enter the desired transformer’s input voltage, lamination capability, output requirements and get a guide to the lamination size, stack height, winding wire size and the number of turns that will meet the requirement.