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iPhone / iPad
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Weather app on steroids!
Use a dynamic map to find out weather conditions around the globe.
The map is flexible (zooming, etc.) and the app is highly responsive.

Bookmarking. Unlike the weather app, we support unlimited number of bookmarks.
Extended forecast. Show 5 day forecast.
Email support. Send weather conditions via email.

Use the person button to locate the current location of the device. The green dot denotes your current location.
Use the zoom in/ zoom out buttons to change the zooming level on the map.
You can use pinch gestures to achieve similar behavior.

To see the weather data for a specific location, tap on the area in the map.

You can bookmark the location by tapping on the + button. You can change the name of the bookmark (defaulted to either the place name or
the lat/lon data) by entering it in the text field. Tap OK to store the bookmark.

To view stored bookmarks, tap on the bookmarks button. While viewing bookmarks, you can swipe on an item to delete it.
To rename a bookmark, tap on it, press +, enter the new name and tap OK. Go to bookmarks and delete the old bookmark.

To email weather data for a location, make sure it appears on the map, tap the action button and then select "Send via Email".

To view extended forecast for a location, make sure it appears on the map, tap the action button and select "Extended Forecast".
Once finished, tap on "Done".

To switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit, tap on the action button and then tap on "Switch to Fahrenheit". Tap on
"Switch to Celsius" in order to go back to Celsius. Apps defaulted to Fahrenheit.