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Let It Go Yoga

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In this fast paced world we’ve all heard we need to relax and slow down, to just be in the present moment. But how? 
 Let It Go Yoga can show you the way. This unique style of yoga enhances relaxation while increasing flexibility because it is practiced lying down! Gravity works with you to realign the spine and ease out pain and stress. Gentle stretches combined with deep breathing and conscious relaxation will give you a new outlook on life. 
 Let It Go Yoga  is easy to learn and works your entire body. You will release the tensions of the day while learning to tune in to your body signals. Using the breath as a focus, the practice becomes a meditation, giving you time in each posture to let the body gently open on its own. 
 Let It Go Yoga can be done everyday. It is perfect for the beginner as well as the seasoned practitioner. It is beneficial for people recovering from injury. Let It Go Yoga adds a gentle balance and can be used as cross-training for many rigorous sports. 

“It amazes me that such a seemingly simple practice could have such a profound affect upon my life. The ability to let go of some elements of life allows others to come in.”

Sue Hillyard

“I feel it’s best to describe this experience as blissful! I am at peace and feel calmness which we all need in our daily life. I already see a change in my attitude and how I am learning to handle certain situations better than before. Let It go Yoga has helped me to center all aspects of life. This is truly a gift.”

Dana Martin Rock

Getting Started

 Let It Go Yoga is a one hour yoga class that is designed to be practiced regularly. With a minimum of once a week or as often as you like, Let It Go Yoga increases your flexibility and awareness with every session.
 To begin find a space that is free from distractions, where you can comfortably lie on the floor and stretch your arms and legs in all directions. You will need a yoga mat or blanket to lie on and two additional blankets on hand. 
     You may like to wear loose comfortable clothing or more form fitted yoga wear so that you can move freely. Layers can be helpful as the body will cool down as you relax during a practice.
     It is advisable not to eat a meal for 2 to 3 hours before practicing yoga. Fruit or a light snack may be taken an hour before if you find it necessary.
     The practice is done with your eyes closed. The video slideshow presentation shows how the poses look as you practice, but soon you will just refer to them as needed. 
 Using a folded blanket under your head is helpful in any pose and relieves tension in the neck. A rolled up blanket under the knees can be helpful if it is uncomfortable to lie flat.
    The postures are meant to be challenging, if you need to take a break, do so and come back to the pose when you are ready. Please do not push or force your body into a pose.
     A hot bath or hot tub after your practice may be helpful to relieve muscles of any temporary soreness you may experience.

 Most important is to begin. 
Close your eyes, go inside and just Let It Go.

This app streams video via cellular and wi-fi and is enabled for airplay. Check for a good wireless or cellular connection if sound or video does not appear.