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tap*rap Henshin

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
  • Education
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Let's touch the smiley face!
What is this? Somethings gather in the middle of the panel.
A button…A piece of cloth… I saw them in my house before!
touch! gather! touch! gather!
umm…This is transformed into what?

This app is the second version of tap*rap series.
There are many colorful animal appeared in this app.

Choose the smiley face that you like.
After open the curtain, let's touch, touch and touch!
When you touch, a button and a piece of cloth are gathering.
And then there are transform the popular animals.

"What is this?"
Touch and touch!
"Oh! This is a kitty!"

How transform this?
What's next?

This app has various method of play.
For instance, you stop touching in the middle of playing this app and you wonder what this animal. Another example, you touch your favorite animals repeatedly.
You can find your own method of play in this app.

Let's play hand games in iPad/iPhone with stirring your imagination!

You can do the simple training by using this app. By categorizing the differences with each animals, you can grasp the characteristics of the target.

What is the characteristic of this animal different from the others?
Let's focus there.
You can memorizing the animal's characteristic with enjoy this app.
It is a chance to bring up a variety of criteria.

Taking advantage of this application, children will try to understanding the difference of a various vehicles, plants, insects and so on.We are in the hope that children will be an opportunity to step up to go little by little.

****Future Picture Books Project****************************
A picture book which moving pictures, a picture book without pages, a picture book that you participate in, a picture book made from everyone's collaboration ……etc.

This project is produced by Digitalehon Inc. and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Lrd..
We aim to bring new digital picture books to kids ―― magical books that kids can interact with and learn from.