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Password Lock Vault

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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Password Lock Vault allows you to keep your credential information securely in your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Password to unlock is securely kept in the iOS KeyChain & additionally secured with SHA256 hash!

As an added safety measure, user's data are acquired & kept using free-hand input! which means non will be stored as plain text in user's device.

Apart from that, all of these are stored as database objects & also secured using iOS recommended file protection structure which will protect the file when the device is locked or booting (*user needs to enable passcode protection for the device for this feature to function -

Unlocking this App is done via interactively designed virtual vault knob. This superb function requires user to turn the knob through chosen combination codes with each stop of 2-3 seconds will confirm the user selected code.

Upon completion, the indicators will lit to green or red to indicate whether process is successful or not. If set, after failed attempts, all the user data will be wiped-out from the device & passcode will be reset to default value (000000).

Password can be easily changed after successful login using the same feature & user will be prompted to confirm the new password combination before it is saved to the password KeyChain.

Kindly contact us for any technical queries first before posting any comments in the App Store which we have no way to respond. We highly appreciate any comments, suggestions & bug reports to improve this App & your time to rate this App in the App Store.

Users are totally responsible for all the operation by using this App & as the developer of the App we shall not be liable for any data or information lost due to any reasons directly or indirectly. We shall not entertain any request to unlock or retrieve lost password or data as these are beyond our control & capabilities.