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Here is an exciting variant of the standard tile matching game that not only includes various games in our library but also allows you to create games with items of your choice. The procedure follows our other matching games by matching spoken words, images, and written words. This app allows you to create games for "just in time" learning. Vocabulary, reading, and rehearsing important memories are possible games with your choice of content. You can include relatives, friends, favorite photos, vocabulary, news items, arithmetic, whatever your heart desires. How to create your own content is described in the app.

You can control the features and the difficulty of the matching game in the Settings Screen. The Rewards allow stars to be animated for correct matches. Otherwise, just a score is given. The tile layout can be easy, medium, or hard. The easy version shows the actual image or word tile. The medium tile layout shows the type of tile but not the actual tile. The hard tile layout doesn't display the type of tile.

You can control the opening number of tile pairs. If you complete a game, selecting the next level doubles the number of pairs. Or, you can simply select a new game at any time.

The tile types allow you to select the types of tiles (Baldi, Image, Text) in the game. You can choose just one type or two or three types. If your game doesn't have images, then don't choose this type.

The voice volume allows you to control whether the tile (Baldi, Image, Text) should have speech when it is touched. You can turn off the volume for the text, for example, if you want your student to read the words without the aid of hearing them.

The Baldi Settings bring up a new set of options. Baldi is a 3D animated character who can read you text with extraordinarily accurate mouth and face movements and convincing emotions. Baldi has been has been developed and proven over several decades in research, tutoring deaf and hard of hearing children, serving as a language teacher for autistic kids, and instructing children and adults in learning how to speak new languages

You can control the overall volume of the speech and sounds and decide whether you want a male or female avatar. The speaking rate can be controlled and whether the inside of the mouth should be displayed (this type of display helps pronunciation). Finally, you can build in different emotions in the avatars.

When you have completed the Settings, you can touch New Game to begin a game.

Finally, it is possible to track your performance by having it emailed when the device is online. When you select Main Menu after a game or leave a game, you will be asked whether or not you want to report the results. If you say Yes, then an email page comes up and you can choose the recipient. If you hit No, you will be returned to the home menu.

The game reinforces learning for all players. The multi-sensory experience with speech, images and written words engages you in a fun activity while simultaneously allowing you to acquire new relevant knowledge in a seamless manner. It's relevant because you created the content.

Publishing and Sharing Your Games
We offer the opportunity of sharing your games with others. Simply mail your bundles to and we will put it in our library.

We would love to hear from you. Learn more about Baldi in action and give us your ideas about how to make the application more useful at

Copyright (c) Psyentific Mind. All rights reserved. Baldi(R) is a registered trademark to Dominic W. Massaro.

Includes "BaldiEngine" code by Michael M. Cohen and Sam Vanderhyden and User Interface by Sam Vanderhyden.

Uses SVOX Speech Synthesis Software.