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iMyVoice - AAC

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Important: Due Isaac Convention, between Jul 1 - Jul 31 , iMyVoice price will be only 19.99$

iMyVoice is an AAC application intended for use by people with wide range of communication disabilities. It allows the user to express his needs and desires all by himself. iMyVoice is an autonomous application that enables the creation of communication system without needing of Internet connection or/and external resources. iMyVoice is one of the few Augmentative and Alternative Communication applications that enables the user to create his or her own communications board on the iPad. Using iMyVoice application you can add images, sounds, self recordings, links between the boards… all by yourself, without the need of a web site. Personal images can be added by transfering them from your Personal Computer or by using the camera. Sounds you can record directly on the iPad or also, by transfering previous existing records from you PC. iMyVoice AAC has also the ability to show clips and movies, play MP3 songs and open web pages; all that directly from the communication board.
For those who have motoric problems, iMyVoice gives you the option of using automatic scaning.
With iMyVoice you can create your own custom made boards, according to the needs of the user, on your personal iPad.