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Matrix Calculator for iPhone

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Education
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Matrix Calculator is the world best matrix calculator and you'll like it.

Matrix Calculator is an easy-to-use tool for various matrix operations.

For real or complex matrix, Matrix Calculator provides one-click buttons for
• matrix inverse
• determinant
• trace
• rank
• eigenvalues
• eigenvectors
• pseudo-inverse

Its advanced features extend to
• QR decomposition
• LU decomposition
• Singular value decomposition
• Linear equation system solver
• Least square(minimum norm) solution for overdetermined as well as underdetermined system
• Random matrix generator

Another nice feature is matrix computation of addition, subtraction and multiplication with up to 4 matrices. For this, you just type your matrix equation(or expression) with customized keyboard and press Enter key. Matrix Calculator instantly evaluates your matrix expression and shows you the quick answer. Its interface is so easy that anyone can do matrix computation with ease. Matrix expression could contain matrix transpose, inverse, and pseudo-inverse.

Matrix Calculator is pretty fast and you'll get the inverse of 10 by 10 complex matrix in a couple of seconds.

In sum, Matrix Calculator is an easy and powerful tool for students and professionals studying linear algebra, matrix algebra, statistics, and other related areas.

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