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Find the Way

  • Education
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Take a journey to find the lost keys, using named squares or coordinates. Now optimised for the retina screen on the iPad, this App is designed for children aged 7+ with six challenges and six themed maps. They learn about identifying map locations using named squares, such as B2, or coordinates like (3,3).

The themed maps are an island, a park, a city centre, the beach and a local area. On each themed map the locations for places and objects are generated at random. Map grids use named squares such as D4 or coordinates such as (4,9).

There are six challenges:

- Locate the objects using named squares.

- Reveal hidden objects using named squares.

- Identify object locations using named squares.

- Locate the objects using coordinates.

- Reveal hidden objects using coordinates.

- Identify object locations using coordinates.

Guidance videos about using each of the two methods for locating places and objects on a map is on hand.

A parent gate is incorporated for access to email and the Internet.

A range of App settings can be changed according to personal preferences and you can log results to evaluate an individual child's performance at the end of each challenge over time as well as review the App log to browse all attempts (useful for multiple users).

The App is intuitive to use. In response to the prompts, either tap a grid location for named squares or tap the X and Y axis labels to identify the required coordinates.