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WakeApp - Scientific Alarm Clock & Sleep Recorder - Free Edition

iPhone / iPad
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Are you often tired when your alarm clock rings? Have you ever wondered whether you snore or talk in your sleep and how efficient your sleep is?

With WakeApp you will get up refreshed and learn about your sleep habits.

WakeApp records your movements and noises while you sleep. It analyzes your sleep cycles continuously and wakes you up gently while you are in a light sleep phase. You will feel relaxed and energized! Check your sleep quality and listen to your sleep sounds with WakeApp.

++++ Benefits ++++
∙ stop waking up tired
∙ find out if you talk or snore in your sleep
∙ reveal noises disturbing your sleep
∙ discover your sleep patterns
∙ see how efficient your sleep is
∙ see how long it took you to fall asleep
∙ keep a history of your sleep recordings

++++ Reliable ++++
∙ works with locked screen, WakeApp never sleeps!
∙ doesn't drain the whole battery (charging not a must)
∙ warns you when battery level is critical
∙ resumes from interruptions, like phone calls
∙ detects if audio resources blocked by other app

++++ Hightech ++++
∙ super-high sensitivity without false movement detections!
∙ superior algorithm that determines the best wakeup time
∙ shows true body movements instead of mystic sleep patterns
-> what you see is what you get

++++ Easy to use ++++
∙ alarm volume is independent from ringer/music volume
∙ works with mute switch turned on
∙ works with head phones (alarm played via speakers)
∙ adjustable sensitivity to suit mattress type and partner
∙ time zone support (important for travellers)

++++ Efficient ++++
∙ compressed audio uses 80% less disk space
∙ intelligent, configurable audio file management
∙ consumes between 25-35% of iPhone/iPod battery (10% on iPad)

++++ Comfortable ++++ [premium features]
∙ fall asleep with your favorite iPod music
∙ use iPod music to wake you up
∙ snooze function
∙ view your average start, duration & end of sleep

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