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fretBURN is a serious tool for those guitar players that want to increase their level of play by truly mastering the neck. You’ll learn the neck…the whole neck…and nothing but the neck!

If you’re serious about playing guitar, there comes a time when you simply have to sit down and learn all the notes on the neck. As a bass player and closet guitarist, I’ve grappled with this for years. I just couldn’t memorize the notes by studying a chart, so I needed a way to actually burn the notes into my brain—through controlled practice and plenty of repetition.

With fretBURN, you can use the “Lesson” mode to study and learn targeted parts of the neck or switch to the “freeform” mode to display various notes and patterns.

Since fretBURN is an advanced tool designed to do one thing very well, we decided to keep that focus and not do a bunch of things poorly. As of this version:
- fretBURN does not display chords
- fretBURN does not teach the Caged System
- fretBURN does not display scales

What fretBURN DOES DO:
To aid in memory and enhance learning, fretBURN lets you see the notes on the neck in various ways; from single strings to single notes.
- Choose the freeform mode to decide what you want to see
- Choose Lesson mode to practice canned lessons or build your own
- Select between 4-string Bass or 6-string Guitar necks

freeform Features:
FreeForm mode allows you to view the notes on the neck in different ways from all of the “A”s on the neck to all of the White Keys on the piano.
- Show ALL the notes on the neck
- Show only the White or Black keys on the piano
- Show only the Dotted (or non-Dotted) frets
- Display half steps as Sharps, Flats or both
- Display the open string or Nut notes
- Display the fret numbers over the neck
- Choose a single note(s) to display across the entire neck
- Select a specific range of frets to display or practice

Lesson mode Features:
Lesson mode features selectable pre-planned (“canned”) lessons targeted at learning the notes in specific areas on the neck. During the practice lessons, you actually answer the questions using a piano keyboard (with or without the key notes displayed) so learning the piano keys just comes along for the ride!
- Select from pre-planned lessons
- Or roll your own in freeform mode
- Set the length of time between notes
- Set the total number of questions

Check out our website for more information and video demos: