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Cal-Sync Pipette

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I’ll “Pipette” (suck up) this event !

Plans and appointments you’ve added to your planner (agenda) can be synchronized to your iOS calendar in iPhone instantly by “Cal-Sync Pipette”.

It will be done in 3 simple steps:

1) Write down a plan in your planner*1.
2) Suck the plan up by Pipette.
3) It is registered on a calendar in your iPhone through iOS calendar.

“Having a digital calendar to share the schedule is helpful, but I cannot quite let go of my handwritten planner... that said, I don’t wanna update both !!”

“Cal-Sync Pipette” is an app based on handwriting recognition, and it was developed with an entirely fresh outlook on such a inconvenient operation. Using Cal-Sync Pipette, just suck up what you’ve written down to your planner and start synchronizing automatically with your iPhone calendar today.

“Cal-Sync Pipette” is a follow-up app to “Cal-Sync”, which came out at the end of last year. We made big changes to make the new app even easier and more fun to use. The user-interface and recognition process of handwritten letters have been completely re-considered.

Moreover, we are very particular for the quality of our original planner for this app, and it has been designed specifically with ease of use and maintaining traditional planner elements in mind.

You can take the next step to organizing your life by using to “Pipette” (suck up) the plans you have written down.
So please install it now !!