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New Directions CWT

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How amazing to be able to see data like the following:
% of 3rd grade classes using planned peer interaction in September vs. January
% of time students are asked to engage in recall thinking vs. evaluation - schoolwide!

Our groundbreaking classroom walkthrough app for the iPad allows you to gather and review data which are significantly linked to the effectiveness of instruction.

You are able to record data in seven unique categories:

Use of time by the teacher
Use of time by the student
Types of teacher activities seen
Types of student responses/activities seen
Level of thinking by the student (Bloom’s/Costa)
Gradual release of responsibility (% of time teacher is directing learning vs. student)
Clarity of learning standard/objective

Examples of elements within these categories:

Under Teacher Directed Activity:
Prior knowledge activation activity (Yes/No)
Cognitive modeling for learning rather than directions for activity (Yes/No)

Under Student Responses:
Peer interaction (Yes/No)

Under Level of Thinking:
Analyzing (Yes/No)

The New Directions Classroom Walkthrough App provides over forty of these dimensions to measure within a classroom! Within the seven unique categories, you use a simple “Yes/No” response to record whether or not you see the defined element, and, with the touch of a finger, you record the data from your visit to your iPad locally.

How could you guide your staff’s professional development with information like this? Imagine the rich conversations about effective practices, student engagement, and student learning you could have with information like this!

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New Directions for Academic Advancement is a non-profit education consulting firm based in California, committed to providing the best learning environments for our children, the best professional development for our teachers, and the best information and systems for our administrators. Founded by Dr. Linda Gonzales, author of the Sheltered English Handbook, New Directions has been effective in helping schools and districts in California exit Program Improvement for over ten years.