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Meet Meal-O-Matic's little brother: free and nearly as powerful. Watch demo videos on our website.

Meal-O-Mat helps you plan meals around nutrition and foods you already have. It integrates nutritional analysis, inventory and recipe management, a calendar, and a shopping list to make it easy to cook nutritiously and efficiently. It is also one of few apps that allow you to calculate a food or recipe's nutrient density, a score that makes it easy to compare the nutritiousness of different foods and recipes.

— At a Glance —
Meal-O-Mat can help you...
• compare the nutritiousness of different foods and recipes;
• find recipes using only stocked foods;
• find recipes using nearly expired foods;
• separate ingredients that need to be bought from those that are stocked;
• keep track of food expiration.

— Features to help you eat more nutritiously —
• calculate for any food, recipe, or category its nutrient density, a score that makes it easy to compare the nutritiousness of different foods and recipes;
• use information about which ingredients in a recipe contribute the most to its nutrition to improve your recipes;
• nutrition facts for up to 30 nutrients are included for 1600 carefully selected foods, which can be edited and added to;
• edit daily nutritional upper and lower limits to suit your specific demographic and medical condition;
• included recipes have pre-calculated 200 calorie serving sizes, making it easy to determine how many servings you need to meet your daily energy requirement.

— Features to help make cooking with recipes easier —
• pop-ups show ingredient amounts and the time required for each step, and allow you to start a timer for the required time;
• convert an ingredient's amount by simply changing its units;
• 700 vegan or vegetarian recipes (about half with photos) for diverse foods and drinks are included;
• exchange recipes via email;
• search for recipes by name, prep time, recipe and food categories, ingredients, and the number of missing ingredients.

— Features to help with other cooking overhead —
• plan meals in advance by adding recipes to the calendar, and unstocked foods are added automatically to the shopping list;
• keep track of stocked foods and their expiration;
• similar ingredients from different recipes are aggregated into single shopping items, and a total amount needed is calculated;
• convert a shopping item's amount by simply choosing new units;
• organize shopping items by categories, helping you find what you need from each aisle;
• duplicate weeks of recipes on your calendar, if you repeat the same meals every week.

With these functions and more, Meal-O-Mat will be an indispensable cooking assistant!

Consider upgrading to Meal-O-Matic if you need to:
• keep track of nutritional intake;
• calculate serving sizes for recipes by weight, volume, or calories
• calculate your average nutrition intake over days, weeks, or months, and see what nutrients you are getting too little or too much of;
• import and export recipes in Meal-Master (.mmf) and MasterCook (.mxp) formats -- use free online recipe archives and import recipes you grab from popular websites with RecipeFox (a free FireFox addon);
• let the Calendar Wizard add recipes to the calendar for you, and easily swap out any unsuitable recipes until you are satisfied.