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The sixth sense is a very real thing. Have you ever had a feeling that something would happen and then it did? Have you had a dream that later came true? All of these things are markers for intuition and psychic phenomena.

Having a fully developed sixth sense has many many benefits. Wouldn't it be cool to go to vegas and smoke the blackjack tables? Roulette? What about the lottery? All of this is possible with intuition (sixth sense).

This app works to develop your natural intuition and sixth sense through what is called 'remote viewing'. Remote viewing has been used by the government in the early 90's in a program called 'project Stargate'. It has been used to gather reconnaissance information about a 'target'.

A little background on remote viewing. 'Remote Viewing' is just that - Remote "from a distance" -Viewing. Basically you imagine what a target looks like and your mind travels there and you see it. Most people's natural sixth sense is blocked from receiving images; however, the more you practice, the clearer the images get and the easier it is to do. Eventually remote viewing becomes so second-nature that its like driving a car. It just becomes automatic.

Software by Palmer Industries