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Temporalium — The Awesome Time Calculator

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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Temporalium is a fun date and time calculator. Calculate the difference between dates, or add timespans to a start date to find the result date. View the resulting timespan in any combination of time units you like.

Welcome to the least minimal app ever made.

Imagine a robo-futuristic user interface designed in 3D with real mechatronics in mind. A crazy interface which can transform from one state to another like the giant robots in this cool movie that starts with a “T”. Imagine super cool physically-based sound effects. A fast spinning wheel that seamlessly transforms into a keypad with hyper-realistic mechatronic sounds. A time unit selection ring that rotates, clicks and snaps in place. Lots of little lights that toggle on and off in a cool way when you press and hold a segment on the ring. A pleasing, highly experimental settings interface with depth. And a morphing result display with a combinatoric explosion so big that artificial intelligence was required to determine the animation pathways.

≈ Features ≈

+ 7 time units: Years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds.
+ Calculate how much time passed since any date. Down to the second.
+ Calculate the date for any time interval from now.
+ Calculate how much time passes between two dates.
+ Freely adjust the result display. Individually toggle years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds on or off by double-tapping the unit on the ring.
+ Solo-select any time unit by long-pressing it on the ring.
+ Reactivate all units by long-pressing the solo unit on the ring.
+ Change the origin date any time, and Temporalium automatically adds the entered positive or negative timespan to calculate the result date on the fly.
+ Add or subtract date intervals.
+ Add or subtract simple timespans such as +2 hours or -5 days.
+ Add or subtract decimals in brackets. Divide or multiply timespan input in-line.
+ Copy & paste dates.
+ Enable or disable temporal collation.

≈ Fun Factors ≈

+ Robo-futuristic, polished tactile audio-visual interface.
+ More than 40 sound effects.
+ Physically-based procedural sound effects.
+ Animations using inverse kinematics, driven by artificial intelligence.
+ Morph-transitions. Very cool.
+ Chuck-N division by zero. Useless, but cool.
+ Show-off ready!