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A Lot of Puzzles for Kids

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Puzzles are great for helping young brains develop and grow...that's why we made a lot of them!

Solving puzzles by pattern matching is the foundation of reading, math and logic skills so when your kids solve a puzzle, they are doing one of the best brain building exercises for those skills.

With 50+ puzzles your kids will have an opportunity to learn and play at the same time without getting bored of solving the same puzzle over and over again.

Our three groups of puzzles allow kids of all ages to start simple and progress to a more difficult group as they get better. Having 50+ puzzles also means they won't get bored and abandon this valuable activity altogether, instead they'll move to more challenging tasks and further develop their skills…and all the while having fun!

Three groups of puzzles include:

- Sliced puzzles
- Drag n Drop puzzles
- Classic Jigsaw

Drag 'n Drop puzzles: Distinct pieces and shapes allow for quick pattern matching and easy solving. Familiar images and scenes make for a fun but rewarding experience.

Sliced Puzzles: Big pieces and small quantities let your kids dive right into solving more complex puzzles. Cute characters hold their attention as they progress from one to the next.

Classic Jigsaw puzzles: A new feel to an old classic. Each of these puzzles have 20 pieces and provide a greater challenge. Pattern matching skills are really put to use here as pieces will often look similar in shape to one another. Kids will really have to engage their problem solving skills to successfully solve these puzzles.