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"Oppressive language does more than represent violence; it is violence." -Toni Morrison, Nobel Laureate

Our team of writers took everything offensive, awkward, and uncomfortable in the world and made a word game.

So, if you agree with Toni Morrison, leave now. This game is not for you.

Still with us? Good.

Each round starts with a question. Players take turns answering the question with fragments of history, psychology, politics, and pop culture.

Each round also has a judge who does not answer the question. Instead, the judge reads all the submitted answers and selects his favorite. The player who submitted this answer gets one point, and the judge is the first player to answer the next round's question.

The game ends when a player earns 10 points.

Players can write their own questions and answers to use during games.

The game includes access to Cards Against Humanity content. Download it from the link inside the app!