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The 21st century is proving to be a period of myriad crises, conflicts and uncertainties. In the midst of such turmoil, access to the truth about economies, their financial state, and the right kind of education has become pivotal.

In all three areas of engagement, the Analyst magazine– a 14-month-old start-up has shown itself quite capable of holding its own, considering how limited its resources are.Its inspiration emanates from the dilemma and ineffectual application of economic theories that are leaving economies and governments without too many bullets to fire.

The Analyst magazine was thus born during a time of extreme adversity, appearing as it does, in a painstakingly crafted stylised text that makes no pretenses about forging ahead with forays into unchartered territories.

The financial cum economics magazine is never about breaking news. As its logo is intended to signify, it is about “connecting global dots”, a tagline whose compelling design it is to present a dispassionate picture of mundane events, ideas, the causes and effects of bad and sound decisions (in a comparative and chronological style).Analysis, and in this instance that of the critical ilk, remains uppermost, for it (analysis) is just too important to be left to daily reportage. Sure, the masses want the latter kind, but there is out there an extremely ravenous select group that's being squeezed out of the overwhelmingly sensationalist and frivolous kind of news reporting.The said journal is there, its contents couched in a framework of "assembled'' analysis meant to provoke thought and satisfy an inner craving for diagnostic consumption and gratification of curiosity.

The audience has therefore been unmistakably identified, and they are preferably individuals who want to understand the macro view. As the print media all over the world enter a twilight zone, the Analyst has almost instinctively and in a timely fashion set its sights on the goal of digging deep enough, searching for difficult yet critically relevant themes, so as to make the difference in a world of clamorous journalism.

To further consolidate the magazine's base, the inclusion of an education edition recently is expected to complete and complement what is the Analyst's single greatest forte, that of being the only magazine that caters to finance, economics and education at a time when the three have become the most preponderant factors that are competitively reshaping the new millennium