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Song of Flower Scent

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The Emotional Picture Book- Flower scent which adults and children can enjoy together
Why don’t we listen to Nature’s beautiful songs full of fragrance of flowers?

Flower scent Story
The fragrant scent of wisteria blossoms makes very place aromatic it goes on the wind.
All other Nature feels and rejoices together at the sweet fragrance spreading over as if to sing a song.
This picture book talks about and portrays the Lord, who created beautiful Nature, with the appearance of Nature praising the Lord together.

Profiles for the Author
- Writing and Pictures: Yoonjuya
The author Yoonjuya majored in Oriental Painting at Chugye University for the Arts, and now she is working on a fairy tale book in combination with writing and pictures with interest in illustrated fairy tales while working as an illustrator of company newsletters and books.
In 2012, She exhibited the creative fairly tales ‘Puzzle Story’ and ‘Song of Flower Scent’ by participating in Sangrim Booth Exhibition at Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Yoonjuya wants to write and draw an emotional fairy tale which is warm and of long-lingering imagery.

- Professional Narration
- Read to me, Read myself, Narration
- Educational Game – Puzzle, Sticker & Drawing

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