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Word Detective: Apostrophes

  • Education
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Never quite sure where the possessive apostrophe goes? Is it James's mum or James' sisters? Sure? You should be sure and you will be after finishing this App.
It utilises a simple 4-step system, successfully tried and used within schools of New Zealand, ensuring you never make a mistake again. It is part of Joy Allcock's renowned Word Detective series.
Try it out first with our Free Test! 10-everyday sentences that have possessive and contraction apostrophes missing.
Suitable for all ages and for just $2 you can give the kids 30-minutes of homework that will teach them a skill for life.
Audio is available in both British and American English
Simple steps with audio and visual cues to guide you through the process from start to finish
Interactive mechanisms to fully involve the user
Further test sentences and answers included to reinforce the lessons learnt
A free section on contraction apostrophes
Easy-on-the-eye graphics allowing you to concentrate on the App.
Unlimited use.