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easyAIS by Weatherdock AG

iPhone / iPad
  • Navigation
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“easyAIS” is a free AIS real-time vessel positioning tool designed for the use on AIS receivers with WiFi connectifity.
The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a maritime transponder/receiver system defined by the IMO (International Maritime Organisation).
AIS main objectives are to improve maritime safety and to protect the maritime environment.
Practically, AIS
•assists collision avoidance (AIS ship-to-ship)
•enables ports and coastal states to identify ships and to manage and supervise the traffic in their waters (AIS Coast station, VTS)
•helps to resolve the difficulty of identifying ships when not in sight (e.g. at night, in radar blind arcs or shadows or at distance)
By means of special VHF transceiver cruise data will be exchanged in short terms automatically. The treatment has a worldwide standard and runs every where. So vessels who use AIS devices from different companies will „see“ each other.
AIS enables to view over obstacles and complements radar. Acording to the antenna instalation hight an AIS station has got a transmission range about 20 to 30 nautical miles.
With the “easyAIS” app by the Weatherdock AG, all AIS targets within range are displayed relative to iPhone/iPad position.
Main screen after starting the app is a virtual radar screen showing the AIS targets in relative position to you
Just tapping the screen on an AIS target brings you to a list with all transmitted details of this target, e.g. GPS position, corse over ground, speed over ground, ship name, call sign, length, width, draft, port of registration …
“easyAIS” works by getting AIS data via WiFi from the AIS receiver or transceiver aboard. Without a running AIS
“easyAIS” should not be used for navigational purposes!