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In a pleasant atmosphere in the brain, and a part for the holiday; note that in addition to Halloween, Christmas and Easter, as well as coming out of the children's day, Chinese new year, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and so on;
Fast alignment Festival footage, use your head, active your fingers, help us to complete the holiday puzzles, let us spend a holiday full of fun.
Two dynamic cerebral form of the game to make you feel different, several festive holiday joy make you feel different.
Hurry up, we do it!

Game features:
Theme 1, several festivals, and free elections held.
Scene 2, each theme has a nice picture.
3, the subject after the game is completed, all animation interface has a nice victory.
4, cheerful music, fully integrated into the holiday spirit with you.

Skill objectives:
1, understand the various festivals, are familiar with the characteristics of representative elements of the Festival and the Festival.
Difficulty 2, right, hand-eye coordination, allow your child to exercise out of the game.

Emotional target:
Pleasant for people to accept, experience the joy of learning by playing.

The following themes:
1: Halloween
2: Christmas
3: Easter
4: Children's Day
5: Festival
6: Mid-autumn festival