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Relaxation Remedy HD–Give Your Mental Health a Boost!

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Enjoy our relaxation kit!

Our highly skilled team has put together a unique and relaxing app like no other. Once you find this little gem you won’t be able to live without it. Need a little mental health boost? If so this is the app for you. Hide away with our app and let it take away all your stress and worries, even if only for a short time. It will make a big difference to your state of mind.

Having trouble keeping track of your thoughts? We provide a diary that you can protect with a personal password. Having trouble waking up on time? Or hate your boring everyday alarm clock? We have an alarm clock with soothing sounds for you to wake up to or you can chose from your own music if you prefer. Are you away from home or travel a lot and feel little home sick? We have a built in radio that has stations from all over the world to make you feel more at home in your new surroundings.

Along with these items this brilliant little app gives you a beautiful beach scene and sea sounds as well as a picture frame and a lamp to help you read and write in the night. But these are only just some of the functions of this amazing app.

Personal diary:
- Protected by a personal password.
- Add stickers, notes and pictures to your diary to give it that artistic feel.
- The diary saves your work automatically.
- The diary provides you with an American auto correct spelling.

Apple alarm:
- Has the basic functions of any other alarm clock: date, time, sound, volume, etc.
- You can pick from the sounds the app provides or chose from your own music on your iPad or iPhone.
- This alarm clock also has a built in flashlight, activated by shaking your device.
- This alarm clock also controls the hourly alarm given by the boat in the beach scene.
- The alarm works even when the screen is locked or when the device is in silent mode.

Picture frame:
- With this cute built in photo frame you can pick and chose what photo you would like hanging on your wall each day.
- You can choose from any photo on your device.
- You can easily switch between different pictures and chose how they look within the photo frame.

Beach scene:
- The beach scene provides exactly what it says on the tin. Enjoy your own peaceful and beautiful beach scene day or night.
- The beach scene changes from day to night just as it does in the real world. So at 9 am you will have a day scene and at 9 pm you will have a night scene.
- In the night scene you can chose where you want your sparkling stars to be and how the lighthouse will flash.
- This charming little beach offers you the soothing sounds of the sea to help you relax after a long tiresome day.

The Red Radio:
- We provide a radio with over 50,000 radio stations from all over the world.
- If you like listening to music when trying to sleep you can set a timer for the radio to shut it down so that it isn’t playing all night as you sleep.
- You can save your favorite radio stations.
- You can record the radio while listening in case you want to save a song or a talk show to listen to again at a later date.

Home Screen:
- Windows and curtains for the beach scene so that you can turn of the sea sounds if you wish.
- A table lamp to help you read or write in the night time.

Enjoy our little creation! Restore your mental health!