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My Daily Tasks

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Education
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imum review: " The My Tasks section is a very nice addition that can remove the need to place schedules and goals in separate apps, which can become tedious for parents and educators. I was excited to see the my video feature as it could be highly useful as a video-modeling area or even as a demonstration section for speech therapy."

To evaluate this app, please consider downloading Able AAC Free. My Daily Tasks is basically the Able AAC app without the AAC portion.But you can create a simple AAC for My Daily Tasks by purchasing a inapp voice engine (US 9.99) and saving your words and phrases. We give you a library of 800 pictures, your camera pictures etc to customize your phrase. With a purchase of a voice engine, you also can copy/paste stories, emails and internet articles and listen.

For the manuals,recent customer questions,videos, voice engine testing click below

My Daily Tasks is designed for two type of individuals.

The first are individuals who have already purchased a competing AAC product and are happy with it. They are not interested in purchasing another AAC product like Able AAC but need a scheduling, motivational and learning tool.

The second group are individuals that do not use a AAC product(speech is adequate) but need a scheduling, motivational and learning tool.

For this version you can purchase up to 83 different voice engines. Up to 20 languages. When you buy say a French voice you also get a text pack that converts the entire app to French.
My Tasks
5 categories. School, Home, Notes, My points, Reward Center.
Home and school - itemized visual daily schedule to help the individual stay on task and motivated. When a entry is check, points are added to the weekly total. When a threshold is reached the individual can get a reward. (to see how this works go to My Tasks, school, My schedules, touch and check the red tuesday pic, all the sub activities under Tuesday will be checked automatically, then save. My points should change within 4 seconds)
Notes is a communication tool between the teacher/care giver and parent/ guardian. If there are any new notes, a counter with the number of new notes will be shown.
My Points shows the number of points accumulated so far and when touched lets the user know whether the reward threshold is reached.
The Reward center allows the parent or guardian to raise or lower the threshold and change the gift. There is also 2 reports generated each week. The reports are generated on Monday morning and all checked items for the previous week is unchecked, leaving a clean slate for you to check off for the new week. The goal is to see the points rise every week when unacceptable behavior is taken out of their repertoire.

My Videos and My Audios
These two categories are used to help view or listen to unique content generated by you. Like a trip to the Zoo or tying a shoe lace, buttoning/unbuttoning a shirt or holding a pencil properly. Each individual may require a different training method like a video, audio or checkable list (with or without points) in My Tasks.

During our review and testing, special educators, speech language pathologists and occupational therapists were simply amazed at the value, numerous features, ease of use and easy configurability of the application.